SzmitGroup is a company specializing in firearms training, hand-to-hand combat and personal safety. Our priority is to expand the culture of firearms' handling and hand-to-hand combat. Our training program is directed to gun and sports enthusiasts, collectioners, and uniformed servicemen. The trainings are conducted individually, in small groups (up to 5 participants) and in large dedicated to company workshops.

We teach what we know best and that is why we train in a tactical combat context. This aspect of training requires physical and mental discipline, perfect weapons' handling in dynamical situations, the ability to predict threats, situational awareness and prompt decision making. We take care that each of those elements is perfected in safe conditions under the watchful eyes of qualified instructors.

A wide range of armaments, rich technical support and a dedicated training facility are at our disposal. Because of this our clients receive the highest quality of services and equipment in the best technical condition.