Force On Force

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Are you able to fight under stress and in fear? Are your shooting skills and self-defense awareness as developed as you think? Test yourself during the SzmitGroup Force-On-Force training sessions.

In compliance with the "you fight how you train" rule we ensure that our trainings are as realistic as possible. Thus, we've developed a unique Force On Force training program, which allows to experience combat with the use of firearms against a live opponent without endangering health or life.

Trainings of these type are possible thanks to the technology provided by Universal Training Munitions. UTM gun elemtns and specially designed ammunition allows for the coversion of many types of weapons to fit the needs of Force On Force exercises. These solutions in combination with proper protective gear allow for a realistic and safe combat simulation.

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The aforementioned assets are succesfully utilized in police and military trainings all over the world. Contrary to similar solutions such as Airsoft, FX or paintball the UTM technologies offer full weapon functionality while keeping the audio-visual aspects of gunfire true.

The realism of Force On Force training is technology but also personel based. The combat simulations are conducted under the supervision of qualified firearms and self-defense instructors. Our scenarios emply competent actors able to recreate a reallistic confrontation.

Our Force On Force training program consists of several segments addressing conflicts in different contexts. Our trainess may participate in the following workshops:

Home defense ;)

UTM duels

Street fighting

Car fighting

Participants with the highest skills may join our CQC tactics training block. Traineess proficient in the SzmitGroup hand-to-hand program can partake in the segment focusing on the defense against an opponent armed with dangerous tools.

Individual clients receive tailor made programs dedicated to their needs and schedules.